Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On Traveling With TWO Babies

A few weeks ago I traveled to New Mexico with both kiddos. Yes, I did it alone and No, it wasn't hard. At all. I got so many concerned glances that read "poor Mama, all alone with two kids." It really wasn't bad at all. Cooper LOVES to travel. He loves everything about it, the anticipation, the airport, watching planes take off, sitting by the window, watching the wings and the clouds. LOVES it! So, he is very patient and agreeable. Plus, we rented a new movie for him to watch on the ipad so he was good to go. Fina, well she is just an easy baby. So how did we do it? Doug dropped me off at the curbside check in. He helped me take my one bag (packed very light, always do) and Fina's car seat and stroller combo to the check in. I had Fina in the ERGO, Cooper held my hand and I had our backpack (diaper bag) on my back. Easy as pie. We walked through the airport, well Cooper skipped really, to our gate, found a seat, Fina was asleep before take off, Cooper rattled off his airplane knowledge to anyone who would listen and we were there in no time. Plus he got to fly in his PJ's which is always a bonus as we don't usually let him leave the house in PJ's.
On the way home was more of the same, except for the multiple bathroom breaks required by Cooper. And if you have ever had to squeeze into a bathroom on an airplane to help a toddler with his business while holding a squirmy baby then you know exactly what I mean. That was the most challenging part of the whole trip ;)
Here is a video of us on the plane.
I know I am lucky. I am thankful for my well mannered kids every day, even when they are NOT well mannered.
So as for tips on traveling with kids: Pack light, wear your baby (so much easier than lugging the stroller around but I am not a stroller girl), bring entertainment, nurse or give bottle on take off and landing to protect little ears, have fun. It's not that bad, really. Make it an adventure!

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  1. I've always said that if I can travel from China to Abq. with two 2 year olds on my own, then I can do anything! I'm sure you feel the same as well! I really think a lot of it is a person's attitude....if you think it's going to be miserable and hard, it probably will be! If you "go with the flow" and don't think of it as a big deal, then it won't be! It is great to have wonderful little travelers :)



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