Sunday, February 6, 2011

Conversations With A Three Year Old

Cooper: "Mommy, me and Fina came out of your [tummy] (correct anatomy was used but I will save the verbage since this is G rated) right?"
Me: "Yes, you and Fina did come out of my tummy."
Cooper: "And Brett, and Jacob, and Livia came out of your tummy too?" (these are all of the babies we know)
Me: "No baby, they came out of their mommies.I only gave birth to you and Fina."
Cooper: "Are you sure?"
Me: "Yup, pretty sure about this one."

Another moment in the car:
Cooper: "I just love you so much mommy!"


And another moment with Daddy:
"I want to be big and strong like you one day, daddy."


Sigh, we love this boy oh so much. I must admit that I am flattered that to him I am THE MOTHER. He sees me as the ultimate mother in which all life begins which is quite sweet. He is such a loving guy and it is moments like these that we never want to forget. He totally admires his daddy and just loves to play with him. Cooper and I certainly have our tough spots every day but he truly is a wonderful kid.
He is sick with a fever now and so is Fifi but when I came home last night he was more concerned with his baby sister then with himself (she had a tough time while I was at work). I am so proud of his compassion for her. He really is a good person, even if he is only 3.

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