Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Daughter

This child of mine. Sometimes I just want to stand up and yell "thank you for this child!!!" She seriously brings us more joy than we can handle. Often, Doug and I, or even Cooper and I just look at her with nothing but complete adoration. She is so delightful. I mean it when I say Cooper adores her too. He does. She makes him laugh and smile all the time! Yes, she drives him nuts too, but not for long. She is too irresistible. I love her so much it hurts. Can you blame me? Look at that face!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Yellowstone Club | Vacation

Here I am! I keep going MIA from this space. I admit, I do miss it a lot. I miss the reflection it provided but also the documentation it serves. I am going to TRY very hard to keep updating here, even if my viewers have dwindled a bit.
We just got back from our winter vacation a week ago. We are so fortunate that my sister and her husband are so generous. They must like us okay because they keep allowing us to join them at their vacation homes! Ha! This was a weekend of many firsts for us. First time skiing for the kids (more on that in a bit), first time in a private jet, and yes it is THAT amazing, and the first time sleeping at 8000ft. :)
We arrived late on Friday night and drove into the Yellowstone Club in the dark. When we arrived at their amazingly beautiful house we only knew the huge windows would greet us with nothing but beauty in the morning. Well, we were right. Saturday morning was crisp and clear. The views were stunning. We headed down to the lodge, rented our gear and went straight to it. Fina was not a huge fan of skiing, she is only 2 after all, but she did get on skis the first day! Cooper on the other hand loved it and was taking the lift and skiing back to their house on green runs by the third day. It helped that their ski instructors were nothing short of amazing! You can see in on of the pics that she put capes on the kids and herself before they got on the lift to ski home! What kid wouldn't think that was magical?
It was cozy and relaxing. Skiing, good food, hot tub in the snow with panoramic views, pretty much like heaven.
It gets better, we got to hop on their private jet and go back to LA with them and enjoy their company for a few more days there.
How do you thank someone for such a gift? I never know. I am pretty positive that I have been blessed to be born into such a kind and generous family. Seriously, my family would do anything for me. It is a very humbling feeling to know that. My sister and her husband provide experiences for my children that Doug and I could never provide and we are forever thankful for that. They get to travel, learn new skills, swim with dolphins, but most importantly, they learn the value of family and the value of forming relationships with that family, even if they live in another state.
It was hard to get back to reality on Monday but we are adjusting.
Alas here are some photos from our time in Yellowstone. I plan to dump my iPhone here soon too.
It is nice to have this space away from my photography blog where I feel comfortable posting images right out of camera, not perfectly in focus, not edited, just memories, precious snap shots to be treasured for a lifetime.


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