Monday, July 29, 2013

Orcas Trip

Hello! Is anyone still out there! Yes, we still have amazing adventures and yes we still have daily struggles I just have let this blog go by the waist side because of how busy we are. But, whenever I come to this place and reflect on our family it makes me feel so great and it is such a joy to look back at our blog so here I am!

Almost a month ago we visited our family property on Orcas Island. These are simply snap shots and have not been touched in PS but I wanted to share anyway. That is exactly why I keep my business blog and my family blog separate, so that I can show snap shots here and not feel like it will compromise my rep in the photography world.

We had a lovely time on Orcas and plan to go again next week. Summer here in Seattle has been amazing and we have been soaking it all in!


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