Monday, July 27, 2009

What we are enjoying right now...

Watching Cooper become a gardener

Lovely days and evenings at the beach

Watching Cooper play with friends like a big boy

Summer meals in our new garden with family

Bedtime stories in our new home

Eating market fresh fruits

And tiny baby feet

It has been a fantastic summer so far filled with lots of love. My sister gave birth to her new baby last week and we have really been enjoying her. Cooper talks like the best of them now and sings all the time.
I started work. To all you UNMH people reading this, just know that you have it pretty darn good there. I like it at my new job, but it is very different. The babies are very sick, the acuity is much higher! Oh and it is confirmed, I am not a day person. Thank heavens I get to start nights in a few weeks. I can't stand to be away form my family for that long during the day!
We are adjusting to our new life here and growing as a family together.
Happy summer!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Busy Summer...

So much to say so little time. Until more time is free, here are a few photos from our summer so far. And now to exhale...
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