Friday, January 24, 2014

Growing Our Family

Wow.  This was once a place that I came to reflect, to share, to vent... in the past few years I have blogged less and less.  There are many, many reasons for that.  One is that I have a business, two is that I have two kiddos, and three is that I have been nervous about sharing personal info on the internet, especially with my kids growing and starting to have their own personal lives and interactions.  I feel like it is not their choice to have everything shared on the web.  I do love looking back at our blog books and seeing what we were up to and what we were struggling with, it brings great perspective. 
I don't know how much I will blog this year, and I am pretty sure I will make this blog private.  But I took this image of myself growing our third child, and I felt like I wanted to share it here.  Perhaps nobody but me reads this, and that is fine, I don't feel the need for followers anymore, that no longer has any meaning to me.  I just felt the need to write.
Here we are. Preparing for our third natural birth. After much thought, we have decided to birth at home again, circumstances allowing.  We had talked about birthing at a hospital and were going through the motions of that, but in the past month, we realized that really didn't seem right to us.  We aren't here to defend that decision, we know risks etc, it is what we feel is right in our hearts.  We feel so much peace about the decision. 
Here is a self portrait of me and baby at 21 weeks.  Even though this is my third time carrying a baby, it still has me in awe.  I treasure every nudge and movement from within.  Maybe because I know just what we have in store, a child who will no doubt bring us so much joy and fill our hearts to every corner with love and strength. 
Until next time...


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