Monday, February 14, 2011

All You Need Is Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone out there!
When Doug and I first started dating almost eight years ago we both decided that we though Valentines Day was mostly a commercial holiday and that we really didn't feel the need to celebrate it. But, every year something is usually exchanged between us to celebrate this day of love. Usually a nice dinner or a simple card. We have come to admit that it is nice to have a day out of the year to celebrate love which really is all around us. I felt love last night when my baby girl was all stuffy and I had to walk around with her so that her nose would clear up until she nuzzled her little fuzzy head into my shoulder indicating to me that she was ready to try sleeping again. I felt love when my boy climbed into bed this morning and snuggled up close to me trying his hardest to go back to sleep. I felt love with my husband came in to our room as he does every morning before he goes to work to say "I love you". Today may not be a day full of wine and roses but it will be full of love and that is all that I need to celebrate this day.
Cooper and I have plans to pop his homemade valentines in the mail (late) and make some goodies to celebrate. We are also celebrating his health as I think he is all better!! Fina is still sick but hopefully on the mend.
On this Valentines Day I am thankful for health! I have had sick kids for the better part of three weeks and boy was it tough. This caused me to reflect on the many parents out there who have chronically sick children who endure sickness every day, sickness much, much worse than what I had to deal with. Reminded me of some of the parents of my patients when I was in the NICU. How do they do it? They are so strong. Healthy children are such a blessing and I shall never take my kids for granted.
What makes you feel loved toady?
{photo by the talented Genevieve Arjal}
It doesn't get better than this!

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