Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland and Blog Changes


Another great photo from our Winthrop trip. I have a bad cold right now and so Doug stayed home from work to take Cooper to his Co op pre school (thanks Doug!) He is a wonderful husband and daddy, we are so lucky. So, I have occupied my time by changing a few things on our blog. To my delight, I have finally figured out how to make our photos bigger! Now we can share our family photos in a much bigger way!! Thanks to my friend Shannon who is way more blog savvy then me, she showed me how to do this. You should check out her blog as it details her amazing life as a single mama who has one biological child and soon to be 3 adopted children. She is one amazing woman!
Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Hey Sister! Love the new page! Give the fam our love :)

  2. Love the new design! Can you tell me how you change your colors and widen your margins? I've been using the same theme and am about sick of the green and pink. I love the new photo of Coop--they're even cuter as they walk away from us. Wonder why that is?



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