Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mid Winter Break

Yup, he went cross country skiing at 2.5 years old!

He learned to set up his skis

He carried his own skis

He needed Daddy to get moving. He loved it! When he went to bed that night he said "I had so much fun skiing." It was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I didn't know they had skis so little. Next year, we are hitting the down hill.

He threw rocks in the river.

Daddy is handsome.

Mommy and baby girl at 21 weeks.

Hiking down to the river.

We went to Winthrop last week and then to LA for Nikko's birthday. We really took advantage of Doug's week off. Winthrop is always fun. We enjoyed good food, relaxation, and some winter sports. I even got on skis which felt great even though I am prego.
For anyone who doesn't know already, we found out a few weeks ago that we are having a baby girl! Wow! We are so blessed. I will post ultrasound photos soon. Also, photos from LA to come as well.
Now, back to the grind!


  1. Looks like you all had fun!! Vivi keeps telling me she really wants to go skiing....but after her altitude sickness in CO last Sept., I'm too chicken to take her up to the mtns. til she's older!

  2. That's awesome that Cooper got on some skis! You're looking great as well!

  3. Coop looks awesome (and, yes, dad is handsome!), but downhill?! Why ruin an early start on x/c? I sense Olympic potential on the skinny skis! And I know a coach...



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