Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Most Important 2.5 Years of My Life

Yesterday our Cooper was officially two and a half years old. Wow, I can hardly believe it. I can still remember exactly how is body felt on my chest for the very first time right after I gave birth to him. I can still hear his lusty cry and see his pink little face. I never want to forget it and I never will as that moment changed me forever. It was my proudest moment and I had no idea just how blessed I was.
Now, my baby has gracefully passed through infancy and toddler hood into a full blown pre schooler. Every time I pack away another shirt that he has grow out of, or hear him speak a word perfectly rather then the cute made up word he formally used, I fight back tears. It is all going so fast. But how wonderful to watch so closely the amazing development of a little human. It's truly a privilege.
Cooper Alexander Blair, thank you for the most wonderful 2.5 years of my life!


  1. :O) you're right about how time flies... Marn and I just finished our first venture into Hooked on Phonics. Can you believe she's there already???

  2. Savor every single day....they truly do grow up so fast. I can remember when Lib was 2.5 like it was just yesterday.....



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