Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Today as I write this post I have knots in my stomach. Right now, my mom and my siblings are kissing my dad goodbye as they wheel him into the OR. I opted to stay home with my sleeping babies. My dear friend is coming over soon so that I can join them. Today dad is having open heart surgery. In my heart of hearts, I know he will be fine and be better when it is all said and done. He knew, he knew something just wasn't right, and being a man to follow his gut, he persisted. The doc obliged and he was right. He needed surgery. Dad is a rock, Dad is strong, Dad has a heart of gold. To see him looking small and vulnerable in his hospital bed is tough. It will be a long recovery and it is in times like these that I am so thankful for my huge family and for my dear friends. As I booked my flight (on my way to the airport, a first for me) I texted my friend who lives here in Abq and I said, "dad needs surgery, can you help with the kids". In a second she texted back and said "absolutely". She has taken the day off work. That's friendship. So many other friends have offered their support. And family, well, how could we survive without them. They are here to keep me grounded. We support each others need to cry, whine, and laugh in a time like this. We can lean on them physically and emotionally. I am so thankful right now. Thankful for family, thankful for modern medicine that will save my dad, thankful for this space to get it all off my chest, thankful for health, and thankful for all of you who have been praying and sending us your positive thoughts.
Keep Dad in your prayers. We love you Dad!

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