Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Love

There is something so magical about babies. Some friends of ours just adopted their first baby girl and Pete, the new dad, put it perfectly. He said "watching a baby sleep is like watching a camp fire." How well put is that? That is exactly what it is like. So peaceful, so amazing, so magical. It's like there is a story in that little face that you are dieing to know.
I can stare at my baby girl sleeping all day long. That being said, I love looking at her little round face and staring into her deep blue eyes when she is awake. I had said this would be my last baby, and maybe it will be, but I will always long for those sweet moments that can only be had with your new baby. I don't know if this can be my last baby...we shall see.
As you can see, Fina is plumping up nicely. She weighed 8lbs 1oz at 3 weeks and according to my mom's scale, she is about 9lbs now at 4.5 weeks. She loves mama's milk and mama's milk loves her too!




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  1. You know what I discovered after those first few days with Vivi? That it's not so much the "new"born that one can sit and watch and revel in their's the "new" to you child. I remember staring at Vivi those first weeks of having her (even though 12 months old) and having the same thoughts I had for Lib as a newborn. What a gift children are!

    Fina is beautiful.....can't wait to meet her!



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