Friday, July 2, 2010

Pitter Patter of Little Feet

Cooper has been so sick that all he has wanted to do is lie on the couch or be carried around. He has had no energy at all!
Yesterday afternoon, after a nap with him I was taking a shower, Doug was on the computer and Cooper was watching a movie. Then as I was drying off...I heard the sound of "patter, patter, patter," across my living room floor. He had got off the couch, and ran across the floor to play with trains. I ran out of the bathroom, Doug and I looked at each other and tears came to my eyes, seriously! He had the energy to run, thank God!
Amazing what you take for granted. A energetic two year old can be tough to handle day in and day out but when an illness sucks that energy out, you realize just how wonderful that pure energy is. It also makes you feel so grateful for health. There are kiddos out there that are sick every day with chronic illness. I am so thankful for my families health.
Cooper is on the mend. Thank goodness!

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