Sunday, May 17, 2009

So Proud

In this post about Doug's great accomplishment I am not going to mention that Cooper happened to be teething and have a fever over the ENTIRE graduation weekend, or that he set a world record for whining and more often looked like this...

I choose to remember that he looked like this...

I an certainly not going to mention that the day of the graduation was the worst weather in months with out of control wind that made us all look like this...

What I am going to mention and what I do remember is what a great accomplishment it is that Doug has graduated from University of New Mexico Law School. Without ever complaining about how stressful it was or how time consuming it was he glided through with ease. Doug, we are proud of you. You are my hero. Cooper was very proud of his Daddy and enjoyed his cap and gown! And this is what I DO want to remember!
Congratulations Doug!


  1. COngrats to Doug! Coop's little outfit is so cute. Can't wait for you guys to head up North!

  2. Congrats Doug! I'm happy for all 3 of you that he is done-looks like you guys had a good time despite the weather and teething



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