Friday, May 29, 2009

A New Chapter

3 years ago we left our lives in Seattle to start again in New Mexico and here we are 3 quick years later doing to same thing. My heart is breaking at the thought of leaving my parents. My relationship with them is strong and that is not to mention the incredible bond they have with Cooper. Doug loves them too. Watching them interact with my son has been a gift. Why are we leaving? I don't know. We just felt like Seattle was where we wanted to raise our family. We feel like this is something we have to do. But as I said, my heart is breaking.
Today, Cooper and I took a long walk to the Rio Grand Bosque. Coop was in the Ergo so we were able to get close to some wildlife and we even saw a Goose family. Cooper will tell you all about the "baby geese" and the mama geese". I took a few photos of New Mexico with my phone to capture the beauty of this place that we will all miss so much.

I like to think that we aren't saying goodbye, just see you later. We leave on a plane tomorrow to meet Doug, who has been driving for the past day and a half with the cats and our fish. So tomorrow we will turn the page in this book of our lives and begin a new chapter. Wish us luck.
~E, D, and C


  1. I know that you will miss a lot about NM and the family and friends you have here, but just think about all the new adventures to be had and friends to be made. Keep in touch and keep on blogging :)

  2. Hope your trip went well. We all miss you guys already and you've only been gone a few days. Marina LOVES tuning in to the blog to see Coop. She thinks it's cool to scroll down and check out your pics. (She got a kick out of the baby geese and the "ne-ked" bath pictures!)



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