Saturday, May 2, 2009

He may have said F#@K but he is a genius!

So we have an official echo in the house. Yesterday Cooper said the F word for the first time. We had it coming, we haven't been the best at watching what we say around him. Apparently he can say anything so we need to watch our mouths!
This morning I was making coffee after a great nights rest (cooper slept 10 straight hours in his own bed!!) and I heard Cooper talking to himself. It sounded like he was counting. I told my mom "it sounds like he is counting" and kept on making coffee. When I stopped to really listen I realized he was saying "one, two, three, four..." all the way to eight! Doug heard and came out to hear for himself! We didn't even prompt him, he just started counting. I think this is advanced and amazing! He is only 21 months old! Okay maybe it's not advanced but I am glowing with delight about it! Our boy is amazing, isn't he?

1 comment:

  1. That's so cute! Maybe he'll be good with numbers when he grows up



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