Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yup, pretty sure we have a toddler!

Holy Toddler!

Doug often says, "Did you know we have a little person walking around our house?" Pretty crazy, we made a person and he certainly has is own little agenda! Last night Doug asked if we hit the terrible twos early. Perhaps we did but it is sorta funny. He has decided that he should be able to climb on everything and he screams if he can't. Like when he is trying to climb on the chair to get to the computer and he looks at us and screams, as if we are going to whisk over and help him misbehave! Oh and by the way, it is 7 am and we have already been up for an hour! But... he did stay in his own bed until 4am which is great for him! Right now he is attempting to feed himself oatmeal and will not accept any help. Needles to say, he is a mess and so is anything within close proximity to his high chair! Oh but we love him for it! Right now I am just asking for an extra dose of patience to deal with my little screamer! But, he is so darn cute!


  1. Haha, hope you get some rest, Elena!!

  2. Hi Elena--saw the link to your blog on FB and thought I would stop by. Cooper is adorable and you're so will fly by since you're watching a child grow up!




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