Wednesday, November 5, 2008

'Change has come to America'

I am so thrilled about our new President-elect! Cooper, I am so glad that you are alive for this historical moment! Barack Obama will be the first African American President of the United States! Finally we can say that we live in a time and place where everyone truly is created equal. Cooper, you may look like daddy but you are a little minority, you are Hispanic and I hope that you will always be proud of that. Our new president empowers us all demonstrating that race can not hold us back! It pleases me that we can raise our son in a Country that we are proud of and in a time of change. Coop, you will not remember this monumental day. While daddy cooked dinner and mama got ready for work we were buzzing about the election waiting to see who our next president would be. You were only concerned with climbing on the chair, couch, trunk, everything! You enjoyed your bath without a care in the world, because your world is still small, but baby the whole world is at your finger tips! This election has put us one step forward as a people! I hope our new president creates a country that you are proud to be a part of and helps you to have every opportunity that you deserve. I feel a surge of hope and optimism! Go OBAMA! We will never forget this day that will change America forever!

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