Monday, November 17, 2008

Talking up a storm

We have been busy these past few weeks. My work schedule has been totally wacky becuase of the upcoming holidays but that means that I am getting them all off (this is huge for a nurse)! Anyhoo, my sisters Elisa and Ann just came to Abq for a visit last weekend and it was a blast! They really got some one on one time with Coop and we got some much needed girl time, thanks to Daddy. Doug watched Coop on Saterday while the three of us girls went to Tamaya spa and resort for massages and then Santa Fe for a late lunch. Tamaya is an amazing resort right on the Bosque, very New Mexicoish! It was a beautiful fall day, sunny and about 65 degrees. You can't beat New Mexico in the fall.
I don't know what clicked in Coops little head but over the weekend he really started talking. Early Sat morning (and I mean early, up at 5:45!) we were looking for a ball that he threw and he said "where did it go"! I kid you not! I said "did you just say where did it go" and sure enough he said it again "where did it go" except it is more like one word "wherediditgo" and he keeps his little mouth in the O shape after he says it. I woke a sleepy Doug up and made him see for himself that his son is an absolute genius! Maybe not, put pretty damn cute! Then he followed up with "there it is", which is more sings the influciton but that is what he is saying. He now pretty much tries to say everything and gets pretty close. He has a total of 23 words that we can identify. I am most proud of his polite words. When you sneeze or cough he says bless you, or "blech you" and when you give him something he says thank you "tha you"! So sweet. What a great guy!
Any hoo, just wanted to post on some of the latest in our house. As you can see, we get exciteed about the simple things these days!

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