Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Dance (Or SIng)

As I wait for the kids to wake up every morning I enjoy some time to myself. Time to work on photography, time to drink coffee and check my e mail, time to do whatever I feel like in a world of complete silence. This morning I am planning my upcoming photo shoots and going through the last of my photos from our week snowed in.
On Friday, my nephew spent the day with us. He is 5 years older than Coop and according to Coop, he hung the moon. We spent time outside playing in the last of the snow before it began to rain, then we came in to our small house. I was worried how these three would handle being inside, not remembering that they are children and that they know how to play and live. At one point Cooper suggested music, so music it was. All three of them, or should I say 5 of us (Doug and I joined) danced and sang. As you can see in the photo of Cooper, he sang like he meant it, he really gets into his pop music. Fina climbs up on the chest when she hears music so she can really get into it. Dance is a language that we can all understand. Then, we settled into some screen time. I am happy to say that the screen time was minimal. Overall, it was a great end to a great week of snow.

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