Friday, January 6, 2012

His 4 ness

I have said it a bunch of times because it is mostly true. I LOVE the age 4 so far. Coop and I have our daily differences, that's for sure. Actually, we have our hourly differences, to be honest, but for the most part, having a 4 year old around is pretty awesome. He is caught in a sweet spot between baby and child. He still thinks his parents are cool and wants to play with us. He sings songs all day long in his adorable little boy voice. He still needs a lot of cuddle time. I can still pick him up. He has the best sense of humor, much better than mine, which often reminds me to lighten up! His head still smells delicious and comforting (I know I am weird, it's a mom think okay!). He is a dreamer and often is caught in a day dream. His imagination is larger than life right now and I love watching him think up fantastic scenarios with his toys. He is creative. Because he is getting to be a much bigger kid, you can have conversations with him on a semi adult level, which is more rewarding than I every could have anticipated. Don't get me wrong, like I said, we have our differences. Nobody can make me see red like Cooper can, it catches me off guard sometimes. I think that has been one of the most surprising things about parenting, how frustrated and angry I get. But, I am working on that every day and learning as I go. Nobody prepares you or teaches you how to be a mom. You have to learn. Actually, I am signed up for a 6 week parenting class starting at the end of the month! I am very excited about it. Anyway, back on track. Sometimes I look over at Cooper, his big eyes, and I melt inside. He is still so innocent and I know I need to savor these sweet 4 year old moments as much as I can. These photos crack me up because they are so him right now. Goofy to the core, scrapes and scars on his face, sly little smile, so beautiful.

Have a wonderful weekend and savor those babies of yours!

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