Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Here we are in a brand new year. I am always in a state of disbelief when Christmas goes as fast as it came and the New Year is here.
For the second year in a row we decided to celebrate New Years Eve on New York time so that the kids could be involved. However, this year we were playing a game and totally forgot. O well. The kids still had a blast with the noise makers and hats we bought them. As much as I miss bringing in the New Year in the middle of the night surrounded by noisy strangers in a bar (not really), it is much more rewarding to celebrate with my loves.
I spent yesterday battling a stomach bug which was not the best way to start out 2012! But, I feel much better today and am ready to stat fresh. Last year was one of the best yet for me and I plan on this year being even better. I have happy healthy kids, a supportive, loving husband, the best family anyone could ask for, awesome friends. What more can I ask for?
Since this is a time of reflection and starting new, I have been really thinking about personal goals for myself. I am really going to work on being a more patient mama (yes, I loose my patience with my kids a lot), a more organized person, a strong business woman, a more creative and skilled photographer, a more understanding wife, healthier in general, and I think that is all for now. Another cool thing I have planned is a project 52. This means that I am going to commit to posting at least once a week, a photo that represents our life and my journey in photography. Stay tuned for this weeks photo. Each week I will label the post 1/52 etc until the end of the year. At the end of the year I will have 52 photos representing this year and I will put them in a book. I encourage you to do this too, even if the photos come from your iphone, it's not about the camera you have, but the story you have to tell.
If you are still reading, that's all for now! Happy New Year!

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