Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three Year Old Tid Bits

I received the best complement of my life the other day. Doug said "Coop is super bummed right now because he just learned he isn't going to be able to be a mommy." I said "Did you tell him he can be a daddy?" Doug: "Yup, but he wants to be a mommy not a daddy." When I asked Cooper why he said "because mommies are nice. They rock and cuddle their babies and they tell them stories." My heart melted, right then and there. How sweet is that? I was glad he remembers the nice things I do and not the "mean mommy" things I do. Ahem. I guess I am doing an alright job if my three year old wants to me like me when he grows up :)

Taking his photo is getting increasingly difficult. He tends to want to make a silly face or get really close to the camera, like in these:

His imagination is so huge right now. I often catch him day dreaming or talking to himself. I was able to catch a him in a moment like this here :

He is always learning. People say that children, especially boy children have a short attention span. I think if you take the time to really pat attention to them you will find that actually, they have a very long attention span. Yeah, he can't sit through a long dinner or pay attention to a book he is not interested in but he can play trains for hours on end or build model airplanes with his daddy for a very long time. If he is busy in the yard, he can go hours playing. We just have to pay attention to our children and foster what they love to do. Notice that when you want to get going quickly, they can't. Why, because they are still working on whatever it is they are working on. Now, if I can always remember this when I am rushing this poor boy.

Oh and his love for his sister, it blows my mind. Fina had to go to the doctor yesterday because she has been very sick and I suspected an ear infection (I was right). When the doctor came into the room, Cooper ran up to his sister, wrapped his arms around her and said "don't worry Fina, they just need to give you a check up, it won't hurt". Then he told the doctor all about her symptoms. My hear swelled out of my chest. He stayed by her side the whole visit.



I am in a very good place with Cooper right now. I feel like I am understanding his personality more and more every day. I am lucky to spend my days with him. I am so blessed to have these two, so blessed.

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  1. What a super cute update on Cooper. He is such a sweet little guy. I can totally relate to the way Cooper acts towards Fina, Hanna is the same with Jacob. It is really fun to have 2 and see how they interact with each other, and how their relationship grows.
    (Next week might work best for hanging out, since I work wed-fri this week)



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