Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bad Media For Seattle Childrens, Please Have Some Sympathy For Nurses

So many of you have been asking me "so, what happened at Children's? What did that nurse do?" and so on and so on. My answer, I don't know what happened and as my heart breaks for the families who lost their babies, my heart breaks even more for those nurses who were involved. As many of you know, I have resigned from Children's to be able to better care for my own kiddos and because, quite frankly, after 5 years of NICU, my heart couldn't take it any longer. It gets harder and harder to see a baby suffer when you can put yourself in their mamas shoes. After I became a mom, I would get lost in my empathy for my patients mamas. It never gets easy to see a baby die.
I want to make it clear that Seattle Children's is a wonderful hospital and if something ever happened to my kids, I would take them there in a heart beat! I am going to share a link that I came across from another nurse who works at Children's, because she put it perfectly and I couldn't say it any better.
Being a nurse is hard in so many ways. Please read this link and hug a nurse, because we work harder than you will ever know.

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