Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You Make Me Crazy!

There is something so maddening yet wonderful about a toddler. Cooper has the ability to make my heart melt and my blood boil within the matter of minutes. Each day is a new challenge and a new joy. Some days, we argue all day long about everything possible. Others, we giggle and cuddle all day with no problems at all.
We had a lot of adjusting to do, Cooper and I, when Doug went back to work. It was just the three of us and Cooper and I were very accustom to it only being the two of us. There were lots of harsh words and was more yelling then I care to admit. There were tears and we were all exhausted. But, I can safely say that I think that we have made it through with success! We have a new normal now that includes Fina. It no longer feels like each day is one big challenge. Yes, it's hard to take care of a newborn and a toddler all day long. It is overwhelming at times, especially when it is new. When Doug was home, it was a piece of cake because we could divide and conquer. When he went back to work, it was me who was divided AND conquered. Now, I wake up feeling great each morning and feel like I can handle it.
Cooper is such a great kid. He is very understanding for such a little boy, I think. It is so much fun to chat it up with Cooper, as he chats like a child much older than he is. He is very patient and loving with Fina and also with me, his mommy. He can be tough as all toddlers can and we are always working on age appropriate discipline for him. Photobucket
I can honestly say that I feel very happy and at ease with my role as mommy of two. We made it! Bring it on!!

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