Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cooper "Wearing" His Baby

When we were visiting a friend who has a little girl, he took a lot of interest in one of her dolls. We are assuming this is because of all the baby talk going on in our home. She told us we could barrow the doll. He holds her and coos at her occasionally and has even nursed her. Then he goes weeks without even noticing the doll at the bottom of his toy box. If you are wondering, no, it does not concern me at all that he has a doll. In fact, I am proud of the little father that he is to it. It makes me feel good to see him nurturing his baby the way he was and still is nurtured.
In attempts to make him feel included, I bought him a tiny sling so that he can "wear" the baby just like daddy and I will "wear" the new baby and just like we still "wear" him today in the ERGO. I found this sling at a local store and thought it was so stinkin cute. Here he is wearing his baby. He put her in and rocked her and admired her "tiny hands". I know he will be a loving brother and a loving father one day too!




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