Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Years Ago Today...

...I was just beginning my labor. Huffing and puffing, squeezing Doug's hand, afraid, excited, unaware. It all begins with that, labor, a life changing experience that I am proud to have been through. I will never forget the intensity of that day, the day Cooper joined our family. It was the scariest most exciting experience of my life. After nearly 20 hours of labor, with lots of support from Doug and Elisa, Cooper pushed his way into this world. My first baby, my first un medicated birth. He was pink and screaming, perfect. I will never ever forget how I felt when they placed his little body on my chest, I was relieved that it was over, and infatuated with my new baby. Doug cried, the only time I have really seen him cry. Even though I was exhausted beyond belief, I lay awake all night looking at him, breathing in his sweet scent, kissing him, snuggling him. It was an awesome day, the day Cooper was born. I have and never will be the same again. He made me a mother, made us a family. Not a day goes by that I don't learn something new about myself because of Cooper. He has made me strong and weak, he has made me happy and sad, he has made me who I am.
Cooper, it is an honor to be your Mama. I look forward to all the adventures to come. You are an incredible human being. I love you more than you will ever know.
I took these photos of him last night, his last night as a 4 year old. I loved 4. It was a wonderful year! I can't wait to see what 5 has in store!

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