Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sick Of The Camera? Not Here!

I often get asked, "don't they get sick of the camera?" My answer in a word, no. Maybe you are thinking that isn't possible with my giant camera in their face on a daily basis, but it is. Cooper often asks me if I want to take a picture of him doing whatever it is he is doing. On this particular day, he said, "Mommy, lets take jump pictures." Always trying to try something new, I figured, why not. So here is what we got. These two had a blast and all three of us were cracking up after the fact looking at some of these photos. I just love the look on Fina's face in these. I loved the commitment Cooper had in getting "the shot"! Then, I love the photos of them totally exhausted after jumping their little legs off for an hour!
So fun!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE these pictures and I'm happy to hear that some kids like to be photographed! I often feel like the paparazzi following baby G around... lol! Let's hope she learns to love it like Coop and Fina. :)

    xo, Kristin



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