Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lets Dye Easter Eggs

It may be nearly two weeks until Easter, but Cooper is already in the spirit. He saw an egg dying kit at the store the other day and insisted on getting it. Yesterday, he woke up with a plan. He kept saying "lets dye Easter eggs!" So dye Easter eggs we did. Eggs compliments of Gertie and Gossie, our chickens. We couldn't use Roadstreet's eggs, hers are brown. We do have a surplus of eggs so it was fun to do something with some of them.
As you can see, he was very serious about the whole operation. I love these photos, bare top with pj's. That is what mornings are like around here and I want to remember him like this always, sleepy eyed and eager to get the day going.
When I was young this is exactly how we dyed eggs, with a box kit, super simple yet fun. Brings me back!

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