Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finding The Light

I get asked often "what camera do you have?" Or, "what do you use to edit your photos?" Both valid questions. But here is the true answer. I have had my "pro" series camera for a while now and while the quality of the images improved right when I opened the box and took my first shot, I quickly learned that the camera could only take me so far.  The single most valuable thing I have learned about photography so far is about finding the light.  Sometimes during the day I notice beautiful light pouring through the window and I run and grab my camera and snap away. If the lighting is right, the photos always turn out better. So, while you are going about your daily routine, I encourage you to "find the light".  Pay attention to how it falls on your children and ordinary things in your house. Like the photo of Fina helping me unload the dishwasher. We were having a pretty boring day and we were all fairly grumpy. I looked down at my little helper and saw that the light was shining on her beautifully. I grabbed my camera, adjusted my settings and took a photo. I converted it to B&W but other than that, it was beautiful simply because of the light. I get asked how I get eyes to sparkle. Again, find the light. In the photos of Fina above, her eyes are reflecting the lovely light coming from the window. Light can make anything more beautiful!
We have been celebrating Advent here. This past few days the gifts revolved around The Nutcracker. Yesterday we went to  a special pre school showing. The kids did great! Fina only needed to be taken out about 10 min before it ended. We got a book with the story for Cooper so he was really into it. He has been making Christmas decorations too. I love this time of year!
Have a good weekend everyone!

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