Monday, September 28, 2009

Terrible twos. Not here..

Everyone says that the twos are terrible. In fact, people have something bad to say about all ages. "Is he a good baby?" they ask when you have a newborn. What kind of a question is that? What is a "good baby". Would anyone really say "oh no, my beautiful new born baby is BAD!" When they start talking people say "once he starts, he will never stop!" Jeesh! And then now everyone asks us "Has he hit the terrible twos yet?" Well, no, he hasn't. I don't know if people think that a baby is supposed to sleep and coo all the time, or that a two year old will sit quietly with their hands in their lap and always mind there manners. Seriously people, there are children and babies we are talking about!
To be honest, we are absolutely loving two! He is so much fun right now. It is such a privilege to see the world through the eyes of a two year old. He notices everything. "Look at that spider, mommy!" "Look at the moon!" (at noon when I would never be looking for the moon) He doesn't miss a thing and never passes up an opportunity to learn something new. He has a love for reading, has really taken up art, and sings and dances so cute. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart when I see this tiny person walking through my house, humming, oblivious to any real troubles in the world. He has such a bright personality. Yes, you do have to put your patient hat on to live with a two year old. But if you stop and take a deep breath, you get to indulge in the timeless world that a two year old lives in. It takes 5 min to walk the 20 feel from our door to the car because he is noticing all the wonderful things on the way, like a spider or a cool rock. He does get impatient and frustrated and need time outs, but after only a few minutes he is good as new. I wish I could get over things that fast.
All in all, two is a pretty good number.


  1. Elena, I'm working late and had to take a facebook break and came across your blog. This is so great! It looks like yall are having a blast back in Washington! Also I am so jealous of your garden...mine looks nothing like that.

  2. I too think 2 is a great number! I think that it is scary how people associate a quiet baby with a good one!!



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