Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy, Angry, Happy

It has been a long time. On a busy note... our home was broken into last Wednesday. We were pretty shaken up about it. Luckily they didn't take much, just things they could pawn, the most valuable was all my jewelry (thank goodness I was wearing my wedding band) which included my grandmother wedding band. But, things can be replaced, our safety is all that matters and we are fine. It saddens me that you have to worry about someone coming into your home, your safe haven. There are some sad and desperate people in this world! So, my dad is installing an alarm system to help keep our home and us safe. Dad to save the day as usual, not sure what we would do without him! We are angry that we have had to deal with this but we are grateful that we are okay.
We have been very busy! Cooper started Co-op preschool last week. This mean that he goes one morning by himself and one day I go with him and work in the class room. It is so cute to see him be a little student. It is a great way to transition him into the school world and a great way for him to meet new kiddos and play. We love it. If anyone is interested, the Co-op preschools we are going through are the North Seattle Community College Co-ops. They are all over Seattle! Check it out!
Happy we are. We have a wonderful family, feel fortunate to have fulfilling jobs, and a have a blessed life. We won't let some looser who breaks into peoples homes get us down, no way!!


  1. I cannot believe that. I remember how violated I felt when my car got broken into, I'm sure having your own home is much worse! Glad to see your all unharmed and doing well! Yay for Cooper starting preschool, that's exciting.

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  3. So sorry Elena! We went through almost the exact same thing in Sept. 2 years ago. Our cameras were taken, including the memory cards with LOTS of pics on them. I was incredibly sad to have lost the pics, but the cameras themselves we were able to replace quite easily. Like you, we had an alarm system installed immediately. It was just such a creepy feeling knowing that some stranger had been in our home, snooping through our stuff! Cooper is such a cutie! Glad all is well otherwise. Sounds like you guys are doing great!

  4. So sorry to hear about your home! I think it can take a while to recover from such things.

    Love that hat!!



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