Sunday, March 29, 2009

USS Nimitz

So as promised, here is the post about the Nimitz. David, Doug's big bro is a Commander in the United States Navy. It was friends and family day aboard the aircraft carrier that he is stationed on. This was the motivation for our visit to Coronado, CA. Doug's Dad and Sherry and some other family members of Davids also made it out for the event. Doug says it was amazing, and I wish he would post here now but he is currently suffering from the stomach flu! They went approx 50 miles out to sea. There was an air show and they even dropped bombs into the ocean. Wow! They were gone for approx 10 hours. Doug was able to chat with the JAG. He was most excited about the jet that flew by faster than the speed of sound and of course about holding extremely large guns (must be a man thing) .
Cooper and I stayed behind with Mary Beth and Elizabeth because babies were not allowed.
I will let the photos tell the story...


  1. That would be kind of fun, especially for the guys!

  2. SUPER COOL! David would have loved that. Your pics of the beach are wonderful too!



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