Saturday, March 28, 2009

Coronado, CA.

Doug's brother David and his wife and baby, Mary Beth and Elizabeth live in Coronado, CA. Wow! What a cool place. We drove from LA to Coronado and stayed until Sat. (it is a small island off of San Diego) We never drove anywhere because they live in this great area where you can walk to everything you need, including the beach! We spent lots of time at the beach and had a great time visiting. Doug's dad, Bob and Sherry were also up for a visit because of the crusie on the aricraft carrier (in a post to come). That was great because we were able to catch up with them as well. Cooper calls Doug's dad "Grandbob" or just "Bob". David and his family are moving form Coronado in August and we aren't really sure why!


  1. I love the close up of Doug and Coop, the one of you and Coop is great too. And with Doug's dad by the tree is precious!

  2. I LOVE Coronado Island! When I lived in San Diego, I would try and make it down there every chance I got...My favorite beach in SD was the one at the Hotel del Coronado-what an amazing place!



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