Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Cooper is 18 months old!

We can hardly believe that it has been 18 months since the day I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy! It has been such a privilege to watch Cooper go from being a tiny baby to a little boy. It blows my mind how fast he has changed. Being a mom has proven to be the most amazing experience. Just like that, your whole world revolves around this little person who you love so much. It is true what every parent says, you can't even begin to grasp the love that you feel for a child until you have one of your own and once you do you say "I get it completely".

Today I have been reflecting on what a wonderful little guy Cooper is. He has grown into a little person with hobbies and interests. He loves his gucks (trucks, trains, and cars), he loves to "go go" (climb) on everything, he loves to read, he loves to play outside and go on walks, and he loves Nemo ("emo"). And... he loves his Mama and Dada. If one of us is out of site he walks around the house saying "where Mama" or "where Dada". He is so cute right now! I have included two photos, one of him on his first morning at home and one of him now. Have a good weekend everyone!

Happy half birthday, Cooper!


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