Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving holiday weekend

We had a fun holiday weekend. Doug was off of school and I was off of work for 7 nights so we were really able to enjoy ourselves. Our small Thanksgiving dinner ended up being so much fun. In fact, we even dare say it was one of the best Thanksgivings ever. Some of the highlights were Doug face planting in the turkey and me lighting the candied yams on fire! Ask me later if you are interested in details. We ate and laughed until our bellies ached!
On Sat, Doug and I ventured up to Santa Fe for lunch and then the Ojo Caliente hot springs for a Cooper free day while Coop hung out with Grammy and Po. It was very relaxing for us. We ended the weekend with getting our Christmas tree. This year we will be spending nearly 2 weeks in Seattle so we decided to get a small tree. We also decided to get a living tree so that we can plant it in the yard once Christmas is over.
We hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! Enjoy the pics...

How cute is the tree (and Doug)

Picking out a tree

Us at hot springs

Playing in the rain (check out those beautiful lashes)

Feeling the rain

He runs now!

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