Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In The Garden

Summer squash

Cooper working the worm bin

A lovely mess of herbs

Grapes growing in our beautiful grape arbor

Rainbow Chard

Cherry tomato's that I picked in one evening. There are this many more already ready to pick. I am planning on making tomato sauce and salsa to freeze so that none of these go to waste.

We were lucky to have purchased our home from a passionate gardener. We have always loved to garden and have really been enjoying the garden that she started this year. There is something very satisfying about eating food that you grew and harvested. Cooper loves to garden already. He even loved it last year as a small toddler in our garden in Albuquerque. He waters and has taken it upon himself to tend the worm bin (with our help). If you haven't heard of a worm bin, it is a way of composting in which worms eat your veggie waste from the kitchen. Google it.
Gardening is peaceful and fun. We all enjoy it.


  1. Paradise! I'm betting that the garden helped sell the house. So awesome that you got to come in and take over where the previous owner left off. And what a great experience for Coop!

  2. Elena
    Great photos. They make me miss home!



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