Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cooper learns to swim!

This past weekend we went to LA to visit my sister, Lauren and her family. FYI this was Coopers 11th plane trip and he did awesome as usual! It was around 80 degrees all weekend long. Cooper played like a crazy man with his 3 cousins, Nikko (7), Evan (2.5), and Ella (1). Evan showed him the ropes and Cooper was happy to follow. Evan calls Ella "Ella Bella" and it wasn't long before Cooper was yelling "Ella Bella!" It was so cute!!

Doug and I had a very relaxing weekend. My sister and I went to the spa and Doug and Patrick were able to golf. We had a blast! Actually, we had so much fun that we are considering spending some time there this summer before Doug has to start his job, wherever that may be.

Anyway, on to the swimming. So, we all went swimming and Evan and Nikko can swim like fish. Well, Cooper was watching them jump in and act like crazy boys and naturally he did not want to miss out on the fun. First, he would jump in to my arms and allow his whole head to go under. At first he sucked in some water but he learned his lesson fast. We moved on to the hot tub, that was just warm not hot and he was desperate for me to let him loose. Finally I said "I am just going to let him go and see what happens". It was amazing, I have never seen a baby so young swim. He went under and actually swam, kicked his legs and moved his arms and then brought his head up without drinking in any water at all! You could see the little bubbles coming up from his face and you could also see a huge smile and his eyes wide open under water! It was so cool, I have never been so proud of him! We had to pull him out of the water kicking and screaming, a human prune, because the sun was going down! I just have to add that I was the one who taught him to swim, I just didn't end up in the pics (yup, a true Leo always wanting the thunder!)

We ended the trip with a dinner at my brother Michael and his boyfriend Casey's house which was so fun! It was a great trip!

Swimming under the beautiful sun set

He was so proud of himself. This is Doug letting him go and he would swim to the side all by himself!

Amazing! Look at him swim!!

My little fish

Thats me holding my Nikko. I can still remember when he was a baby and now he is almost as tall as me! The blondie is my Cooper.

Best friends.


Miss Ella Bella

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